Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Uninstall/Disable feature/plugin in Eclipse Helios (3.6)

Not that I want to editorialize often, but Eclipse is just horrible when trying to remove a plugin.

I tried going to help ->install new software -> check what's already installed... The uninstall option is grayed out for all the relevant plugins.  No indication whatsoever why, or how to fix this.

I instead try going to Help-> Check for New updates.  It simply pops up a dialog saying no updates were found.  No further options.

I try going to Help-> Eclipse marketplace.  It seems Solutions (which are the only things you can modify using this dialog) are different than plugins.

I try going to Help->about eclipse ->installation details.  I get the same menu as if I click install new software.

I try googling.  It either says go to Help->about eclipse ->installation details (which I already tried), or to do  Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration. The second suggestion is simply not available on Eclipse Helios.  I assume I am looking at the documentation for a different version of eclipse.  I find the documentation for Eclipse Helios (3.6), and nope, it's exactly the same.  At this point I hit a lucky break, and I notice that the text describing the menus to open is a link.  I click on it and it says "you can only do this with local help".  I find the same page again in the local eclipse help.  I click the link.  Viola, the magical hidden window pops up that finally allows me do uninstall the plugins.  Did it really have to be that hard?

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